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about ericdoa

Connecticut-based artist ericdoa produces a playful yet angst-ridden mixture of hyperpop, emo-rap, and trap. Affiliated with the NeilaWorld collective and additionally known by his alter ego Dante Red, ericdoa's releases include the equally cathartic and atmospheric 2020 full-length COA, as well as collaborations with hyperpop scene figures such as osquinn, Glaive, and daine.

Eric George Lopez was born in Connecticut in 2002. Initially known as Killeric, he released his debut EP, Bleed Vol. 1, in 2018. He soon changed his moniker to ericdoa and released DOA in 2019, and his style evolved from dark, trap-influenced rap to songs influenced by emo and alternative rock. His full-length Public Target appeared in early 2020, and he debuted his Dante Red moniker with the bitcrushed single "movinglikeazombie," which was also included on his Hi, I'm Dante EP. Collaborations with artists such as osquinn, Glaive, SEBii, and Kurtains appeared throughout the year, and the full-length COA arrived in November. Interscope issued "Cloak n Dagger," a collaboration with Glaive, in early 2021, and ericdoa's surprisingly smooth, danceable R&B single "Fantasize" appeared the following May.


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